About Hemplucid

Our name and logo are special to us and were designed to highlight WHY and HOW we operate. The P highlighted by the drop reminds us of our PURPOSE to PRODUCE PURE PRODUCTS that help people ‘Experience Life Again’.

We believe lucidity builds a community of trust. It’s within that community we thrive. We have made a conscious choice to be LUCID in everything we do. That is why LUCID is part of our name and why the drop in our logo allows the letter P to show through the drop.

Our Benefits


Hemplucid only uses USA certified organic farms and USA extractors to grow and process our ingredients. We are proud to say our hemp plants originate in Colorado for access to experienced growers and an excellent level of quality control.


After nearly a decade of selective breeding, we’ve developed a hemp strain that’s rich in terpenes and offers a robust array of beneficial phytocompounds. The full genetic profile of our hemp is present in each of our products.


Super-critical CO2 extraction is a safe, solvent-free hemp extraction method that results in higher quality oils and leaves terpene profiles intact. Our ingredients are selected with strict quality control standards. We include no synthetic ingredients, or artificial additives.


Our phone lines are always open during business hours, and we’re thrilled to help you navigate all things hemp. It’s not about selling our product, it’s about helping you find the answers you need to make educated decisions. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you!


We openly publish an up-to-date CoA (Certificate of Analysis) for every product batch we sell. Lot numbers are printed on each product so you can easily find test results right on our website. QR codes are printed on our packaging that will direct you to the lot code page when scanned.


We aim to match and exceed state and federal regulations. Hemplucid self-regulates to ensure each product hits our mark of quality and keeps within legal boundaries. We are dedicated to creating a solid foundation to help people Experience Life Again!

Our Culture

We’re a team of passionate, purpose-driven humans who value synergy, clear vision, and practicing lucidity in everything we do. By doing so, we’ve created a workplace community of trust and accountability. We’re here to help the world Experience Life Again.

Our Products

At Hemplucid, we believe transparency is key. Our extracts are derived from domestically grown hemp using the safest extraction methods to produce an ultra-refined product. You’ll not only see the difference in the presentation of our clear bottles, but you’ll also feel it. We believe in clear products, clean ingredients, and pure health.