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USDA Organic Full-Spectrum Water Soluble

Water Soluble hemp is our most popular full-spectrum product thanks to its potency and rapid onset of effects. This versatile tincture highlights the natural taste of hemp and mixes well with water and other beverages.

Full-Spectrum Gummy Cubes - 25mg each

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Gummies provide a naturally flavored, premeasured serving of full-spectrum hemp in chewable form. Our gummies offer slow-and-steady absorption and long-lasting effects.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Body Cream

Our full-spectrum hemp Body Cream allows the targeted application of natural botanicals and quality hemp extract to soothe areas where you need it most. Add the benefits of hemp to your routine.

THC-Free Broad-Spectrum Edible Gummy Cubes

Edibles are everything, and these gummy cubes are no exception. They are an easy, tasty way to add all the benefits of hemp to your existing supplement regimen with no hemp aftertaste.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Body Balm

These compact hemp-infused salves are great for small areas like knuckles, elbows, and knees. Choose from calming lavender or earthy cedarwood and enjoy hemp skincare on the go.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Lip Balm

Lip Balm protects and soothes dry lips with 50mg of full-spectrum hemp and other moisturizing natural ingredients. Available in three flavors: Peppermint, Cherry, or Vanilla.